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For existing operators

14 Square is a uniquely structured chain of branded serviced apartments. We understand what our guests need and therefore, we try and deliver an experience which is required and not what we think is required. As a result, we continuously keep adding value added services to our portfolio. The advantages for your business are fairly obvious. Apart from increased clientele, imagine being able to run your business with minimal efforts and most importantly; without any large capital investments or no renovation or up-gradations. This will also help you to increase your number of rooms and expand your business. We are backed by a professional servicing team, designers and world class technology which will help you to remain competitive and increase your business and brand equity.



When you partner with us, you get access to a specialized technology platform and system which you can use for all your guests and back-end work without compromising on data security. This platform is specially designed only for serviced apartments and not for hotels; so you will not find anything like this. The best part is, it runs through an application and we do all the hard work of uploading all your property details and content. You have to do nothing at all; and all for free. We do not charge for this.

If you want to enter the rapidly growing serviced apartments business, we will help you to set it up and also offer our technology backbone and access to our national clientele.

We will hand hold you and ensure you are able to start and scale up to run a large and profitable business. Do contact us via this form.


Serviced Apartments are ideal for organizations to meet all their employee’s travel requirements. If you wish to partner with us for your travel needs especially for longer durations, then 14square is the ideal choice. We offer the following to all organizations:

  • Special Rates and Services
  • Creating and managing company guest houses
  • Dedicated serviced apartments for longer durations, which are cost effective and yet provide the flexibility of use and availability at all times
  • Pay as you go options on a room night basis, similar to a hotel.
  • Serviced accommodations for your employees who get transferred for work
  • Serviced apartments for employees for their personal travel needs at special rates.
  • International relocation accommodation options

Get in touch with us by putting in these basic details


We offer special rates to all travel agents and travel desks who manage organizational travel arrangements. You can book with us for all your clients who require serviced apartments for durations of more than a few days or when visiting in any of our cities for special purposes like:

  • Extended tourism
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Attending events and weddings
  • Re-locations
  • Business trips
  • Any other requirements

Do write to us through this form and we will make sure we will get back to you.