Serviced apartments are a casual and comfortable place between a hotel and your home. These are conveniently located residences in apartment complexes or independent buildings which enable you to live like a 'local'. These are essentially like your home where you have a caretaker and your apartment’s housekeeping is taken care of.

All our serviced apartments are ready to live in and come with the given amenities below:

  • Sofa sets in the living area with a coffee table - For you to lounge in the evenings or weekends with your favorite newspaper/magazine in hand.
  • Dining table with chairs for all your important meals.
  • Wardrobes to ensure your clothes are well creased for your work.
  • Beds with comfortable and welcoming mattresses and soft linen to soothe those tired muscles that end up providing you with deep sleep.
  • Flat screen televisions in all the rooms with cable so you are never far away from your home remote.
  • Broadband internet - While we encourage you to unwind from work; for all those must attend emails; you are well connected through our internet services.
  • Fully equipped kitchen which comes with refrigerators, microwave, crockery, cutlery and clean drinking water. You could indulge in some cooking with local produce or ask your caretaker to cook for you.
  • Bathroom towels and toiletries - We ensure your visit to the “Ideas Zone” is absolutely taken care of for you to only think on any idea. With round the clock hot and cold running water, we request you to be responsible in the use of this nature’s gift to us. So indulge in those ideas and if you do want to share them, then feel free to do so.
  • Daily Breakfast - While your stay with us covers the most important meal of your day, we invite you to try our multi - cuisine home cooked food options.

In short, it’s your independent and relaxed space to live, work and socialize like the way you would do at home.

A serviced apartment is just like your residence, that offers more physical space than a hotel at the same price, if not less. The rooms are more spacious and you have access to common areas like the living room and kitchen. You can lounge around, work or relax exactly like you would in your own home.

Unlike a hotel, if you stay with friends, family or colleagues, you can stay together, watch your favorite soaps or sports coverage on television, cook and relax.

Whilst allowing you to experience a home away from home, we ensure that the basics of your daily living like television with cable, daily housekeeping, breakfast, air conditioner, internet, power and laundry on demand is taken care of.

In short it is your home where you do not have to do any work.


These serviced apartments are located in key areas of any city. This enables you to stay in areas where you need to be and not where a hotel could be located. At some locations, you can just hop in to your place of work, leisure or events and not be worried about local travel.

You can also get comfortable with the local area and go to events, night clubs, malls and gymnasiums. You can shop locally for groceries and cook on your own or sample local specialty street food. This localized experience with a homely feel at a serviced apartment cannot be matched by a hotel.

All our serviced apartments are just like your own home, but with the added advantage of not having to bother about essentials. So when you book any 14Square apartment, you get all of the following:

  • Fully furnished house/apartment
  • Spacious common living spaces
  • Equipped kitchen with a caretaker at most places
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Flat screen TV with cable
  • Comfortable beds, soft linen and pillows
  • Wifi internet connectivity

Breakfast is provided as part of your stay. This is normally a dish of the day with tea or coffee. For lunch or dinner, you could either cook yourself or try our multi cuisine home cooked options by ordering through us or asking your caretaker to cook for you. However, we encourage you to let the chef in you take charge. Cooking is not only fun but is also proven to be therapeutic for stress management.

You are your own boss; so go ahead and choose to stay in serviced apartments from a period of one day to one year or more.

The whole idea about serviced apartments is to stay together if you are traveling in a group. You can stay with family, friends or colleagues. Of course, since serviced apartments are also shared resources, we request certain considerations for your fellow guests living there.

If you are traveling alone or with your spouse or colleague, you can book only one room. In this case, the other rooms would be let out to other guests. However, if you are concerned with privacy, then we suggest you book the entire apartment. If you are traveling in a larger group or as a family, then it is advisable to book the entire apartment for that wholesome experience.

We do not allow smoking or consumption of alcohol inside the apartments to take care of sensibilities of neighbors and other patrons who may be staying inside at that point of time. Whilst we respect everyone’s freedom, the above restriction is also keeping in mind local laws.

Our serviced apartments are conveniently located in and around business centers, IT parks and airports in all major cities. Therefore, you can select an apartment nearest to your place of work and reduce travel time as well as stress.

All our serviced apartments are cleaned daily and the beds made up, just like you would have it done at your home or a hotel. If the same guest is using the space for a longer period of time, then the linen change happens on request.

Being apartment complexes there is no desk or front office like a hotel. However, a local caretaker is available to take care of your needs. A centralized concierge number is also available for any other assistance. While our first line staff is always there to help, we also encourage you to explore the neighborhood and gain rich experience.

Our check in time is 12 p.m. and check out is 11 a.m. Early check-in and late check-out is available on prior request and at an additional price.

Serviced apartments are ideal for business travel, outstation family visits, visiting your hometown on vacation, for medical reasons, marriages or visiting friends and relatives.

These apartments are a great option for educational tours, research projects or if you are coming in for medical treatments.

In addition, it is ideal during events and exhibitions or when you want to explore local areas within a city.

14Square serviced apartments are ideal for stays greater than 3 days. This enables you to have a great local experience and enjoy your surroundings. Get comfortable and sample all the hyper local food, shopping and entertainment options. So de-stress and do your work at the same time for longer stays.

Since the serviced apartments are located in different parts of the city, you can explore locally available restaurants, spas, play zones for children and night life. You are just 10 minutes away from any of these places to unwind.

You can pay online through our online payment options in advance. We prefer non-cash options as much as possible. In keeping with your comforts, we will soon be introducing cashless payment options at our apartments.

Broadband wifi connectivity is available for free up to a certain usage limit, keeping in mind that this is a shared resource. You will be given your password once you check in to the apartment. Should you need to use more internet data, we are happy to provide you at an additional charge.

You can visit us at and check out the cities and areas where we have our serviced apartments.

Unfortunately, there are only very limited 1 BHK apartments, so you might have to share your apartment. But what the heck, you get to strike up some interesting conversation with your fellow guests. Besides, what brings most of our guests together in our apartments, is a common theme - homely accommodation while traveling.

All our guests can stay at our apartments only upon presentation of valid photo identification document. We primarily focus on validated business and leisure travelers who make online payments through valid credit cards or bank accounts. Secondly, majority of our apartments have a caretaker . This ensures further security.